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Welcome to Live Light with Lisa. I’m so happy you found your way here.

My Name is Lisa Tyhulski and I work with women like you, to lose weight, gain energy and dump the body shame to finally enjoy life again. Imagine having a personal guide to navigate you towards your very special journey of life long weight loss success. Let’s get started

My Philosophy is simple: Eat Food, Lose Weight

Hi, my name is Lisa and let me introduce myself properly…. I am a nutritional consultant and a personal trainer. I have struggled with my weight since the age of 19 and was once over 325 lbs. Gaining and losing over 100 lbs.

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No question that what you eat can affect how you feel, right? Mental health and brain health are complex. So are the foods we eat, and the ways our bodies interact with those foods. While, we don't know the exact mechanisms how food and nutrition help, we know a few...

Why Should you work on your Balance?

Balance is important for everyday activities such as walking, getting out of your chair, washing your hair, putting on your shoes and getting out of bed. Most people don’t think about balance until a problem develops. Balance is a use it or lose it and you will want...