Meet Lisa Tyhulski

Your Health Coach & Weight Loss Mentor

Hi I am Lisa. Here is a little about me and why I can help……


I began struggling with my weight at the age of 19 after being put on birth control pills for cysts on my ovaries. Gaining 25 pounds in a month. Being accused of not taking care of myself.

Dieting became a way of life. I tried each new diet that came out on the market thinking this one would do the trick. Secretly wondering what was wrong that I wasn’t getting the same results as all the other people. I thought something was wrong with me.

I finally was successful in losing over 165 lbs. but my body was exhausted. With my hair falling out and starved all the time. I had circles under my eyes and I didn’t look well with no color. But, I was thin.

After meeting my now husband. I began to live my life again.

It wasn’t long that I gained back over 100 lbs.

Drinking 4 to 6 vodka tonics a night and cigarette smoking.

My ah ha moment was when I was diagnosed with:

  • arthritis in my knees
  • my blood being too thick
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • and an abnormal breast exam

I began searching for answers but knowing I needed to start taking care of myself and my weight.

I joined an on-line boot camp on my 42 birthday. Learning the power of food. After losing weight without being starved all the time and counting everything I ate.

I gave up drinking heavily, and smoking and joined a gym all in the same week.

I lost the weight this time without feeling tired all the time, being starved, and my hair is finally shinny and my skin glows.

Some random and fun facts about me:


I love dogs. You can find me walking and take care of many of them when their family’s go on vacation or a random weekend trip.

I love blankets and curling up with them most times of the year. Yes even in the summer. I know strange, right?

I love swimming and teaching aqua classes. Because water always makes me feel grounded and when I am in the water the stress just disappears.

Dark Chocolate is my favorite.

My favorite color is purple.

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